Assembly Guide

We believe in quality builds where every detail matters.
Here is what to expect with 1UP RACING'S Signature Build.

The outer pivot blocks are aligned on the chassis and bolted down. The inner mounts are adjusted and tightened to ensure the arms are completely bind free with very little play.

Once complete, the suspension is checked by lifting each a-arm individually and letting it drop back to the chassis. The impact from the droop screw hitting the chassis will cause the other 3
arms to bounce up freely.

The inner and outer edges of the pivot block inserts, as well as the inner edges of the pivot balls are scored with a knife to ensure a tight fit and eliminate any unnecessary slop in the suspension.

The inner pivot holes of the a-arms are meticulously adjusted with a round file for a perfect fit with zero bind and as little play as possible.


Before the gear diff is assembled, the backside of all the internal gears is checked and any rough areas from the mold tree are cut flat to ensure the internal gears won't have any unnecessary binding
or friction.

The outdrives and o-rings have grease applied to ensure long-lasting smooth operation.The internal and external shimming of the diff are
adjusted from the kit suggestions to give better clearance of the chassis/shock tower and reduce internal backlash for smoother operation.

All 1UP TC7.1 builds include an Axon 64p spur gear. The proper size will be sent for your racing class. These low friction gears are perfectly round and run very quiet.

The mounting surface of the Axon spur gear is thinner than the stock Team Associated spur. A flat edge is cut in 3 8mm wide .5mm thick shims to give the spur gear as much mounting surface area possible.

3 mounting screws have a small amount of blue Loctite applied and are evenly torqued down to prevent any warping of the spur gear caused by over-tightening.

The spool is assembled using red Loctite on the screws securing the outdrives for long lasting performance.The mid-height eccentric mounts do not have a center mark so one is painted on to make belt
tension adjustment easier.

Whenever a setup calls for it, the steering posts and servo mounting plate are cut down and are now independent of each other.

This allows the front of the car to flex a lot more which increases the overall steering without making the car any harder to drive.

Once completed, the diff is labeled with the viscosity of the oil and the complete weight of the diff.

Because of the remarkable seals and parts quality on the Team Associated gear diffs these can typically go years without maintenance and will stay within hundredths of a gram of the weight
when assembled.

The kit steering assembly is extremely durable but does stiffen the front end of the car quite a bit. While this assembly works well on higher bite carpet tracks, most asphalt racers prefer a bit more chassis flex for an increase in steering.

The suspension plastics are trimmed from their mold trees and any flashing is cut off for a clean appearance. After the hinge pin retention set screws are installed, the outer hinge pin holes are cleaned out to ensure easy maintenance.

1UP Racing Gold anti-wear grease is applied to the universals and DCJ’s for long lasting performance and reduced wear.

Once the universals have been assembled, a small amount of thin CA glue is applied to the pin retention clips to ensure they do not shift or fling off due to centrifugal force or impacts.

Team Associated includes color coded shrink wrap to identify the swaybars. This is removed and clear identification lines are drawn at the center of the swaybar for an ultra-clean appearance.

Thread-on setup wheels are used while tightening the wheel hexes to ensure the hex is perfectly square. This will ensure proper camber and toe adjustments can be made and will also increase overall traction.

1UP Racing Gold anti-wear grease is applied to the driveshaft pins to reduce friction and wear on the spool and pin.

Rubber pads are placed at the front and rear of the battery area. The “floating battery” allows the center of the chassis to flex more naturally.

The swaybars are installed and the mounts are adjusted to have no slop or bind.

The stock TC7.1 battery mounts on the left, 1UP Racing modified battery mounts and anti-slip pads on the right. Paired with 1UP Racing Battery Tape, the modified mounts and rubber pads are extremely secure while maintaining a very clean appearance.

Shock length is measured to ensure all 4 shocks are matched. This is an especially important step when using PSD sleeves where the shock length will also affect the dampening.

The Signature TC7.1 includes “Floating” Team Associated brass ballast weights which are secured using only 1 screw rather than the traditional 2. The weight is mounted .1mm off the chassis so it will not interfere with chassis flex and a set screw is installed so the weight will not shift.

The stock o-rings are swapped for Team Associated X-Rings in all builds. These are coated with green slime for smoother operation and reduced swelling. Green slime is also applied to the lower shock cap o-ring and the adjustment collar o-ring for easier adjustment and maintenance.

After setting the proper ride height and camber the droop can now be adjusted. This is done using a caliper to measure the distance from the top of the axle down to the setup board surface while the car sits on 10mm setup blocks.This extremely accurate method is easily repeated on any touring car once you find a setting you
prefer for specific tires or tracks.

A shock pump is used to ensure all air is removed from the shock before it is sealed.

Yokomo bladders are used to complete she shock assembly. Shock rebound is matched to ensure the car has a balanced feel.

The final step in assembly is adjusting the swaybars. Now that the droop is set, the arms sit at the same height. The swaybar tweak screws are adjusted to ensure the arms lift at the same point from left to right.